Sultan of the Moon & Stars (Orokon)

Sultan of the Moon & Stars (Orokon)

by TomArden (Author)


The vision came in a wilderness long ago, commanding the Sultan's ancestor to lead his peoples to the place that would be called the Sacred City. There, deep within a rocky cavern, there burns an immense, roaring column of fire: the Sacred Flame, the source of the Sultan's power. But the Flame harbours a terrible secret - and so does the Sultan. Prince Jemany is plunged into a seething hotbed of political machinations and rebellion as he begins the next stage of his quest to seek the long-lost crystals of the Orokon. Already the anti-god Toth Vexrah, has burst free from the Realm of Unbeing and is working his evil upon the susceptible and easily swayed. Only Jern standsin his way but Jem is trapped in the bizarre, horrifying dreamworld of the enchanter Almoran. Meanwhile his lost love Cata becomes embroiled with the Shimmering Princess, the idol of millions, whose fate holds the key to the Sultan's empire - and to the whereabouts of the third crystal, the pulsing red crystal of the fire god Theron.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: 18 Nov 1999

ISBN 10: 0575063726
ISBN 13: 9780575063723

Author Bio
Tom Arden has lived in Britain since 1990. Before taking up writing he was a lecturer English literature.