Dino-birds: From Dinosaurs to Birds

Dino-birds: From Dinosaurs to Birds

by Angela C . Milner (Author)


What do Tyrannosaurus rex and Erithacus rubecula (the common European Robin) have in common? Much more than you might realize - for the robin in your garden is a modern dinosaur - albeit a small one, but perhaps just as aggressive as its distant giant relative. The origins of the birds has until now been one of the great enigmas of evolution. Fossils rarely show soft tissues such as hair and feathers, the crucial proof needed to find the missing links in the evolutionary trail from reptile to bird. Until the discovery seven years ago of the first dinosaur from the fine-grained slate of the Lianoning Province of China, there was no hard evidence to prove the theory that birds came from a family of feathered dinosaurs. Now it is believed that feathers were relatively common among the meat-eating dinosaurs. It is even thought possible that Tyrannosaurus rex may even have had fluffy chicks! This text explores the ever-growing evidence supporting the evolution of dinosaurs to birds. Dinosaur expert Angela Milner looks at the astounding fossil feathery dinosaurs from China and the bird fossils from other sights around the world, to take us on a journey from those dinosaurs to the birds we see today. Looking at the people involved and the debates that ensued, this should be an exciting little book packed with information on every page and illustrated throughout.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 64
Publisher: The Natural History Museum
Published: 11 Jan 2002

ISBN 10: 0565091743
ISBN 13: 9780565091743
Book Overview: From July 2002 the Chinese dino-bird fossils are at the centre of an exhibition Dino-Birds: The Feathered Dinosaurs of China at the Natural History Museum, London)