The Thread of Life: The Story of Genes and Genetic Engineering (Canto Book)

The Thread of Life: The Story of Genes and Genetic Engineering (Canto Book)

by SusanAldridge (Author)


Susan Aldridge gives an accessible guide to the world of DNA and also explores the applications of genetic engineering in biotechnology. She takes the reader, step by step, through the fascinating study of molecular biology. The first part of the book describes DNA and its function within living organisms. The second part explores genetic engineering and its applications to humans such as gene therapy, genetic screening and DNA fingerprinting. The third looks at the wider world of biotechnology and how genetic engineering can be applied to such problems as producing vegetarian cheese or cleaning up the environment. The final part explains how knowledge of the structure and functioning of genes sheds light on evolution and our place in the world. Although easy to read, this book faces up to the science involved and should be read by anyone who wants to know about DNA and genetic engineering.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 21 Mar 1996

ISBN 10: 0521465427
ISBN 13: 9780521465427

Media Reviews
'A well-paced, elegant and imaginative ride through the story of genes and genetic engineering.' Focus
'This book should provide anyone with a little prior knowledge of genetic engineering with a good insight in to this field.' E. Green, Endeavour
'Everything you could want to know about the science of DNA.' Focus
'Susan Aldridge's volume is one of the best ... an extremely clear writer, and refreshingly free of the bombast that often marks books in this field ... her knowledge and skill make her an excellent guide.' Jon Turney, The Times Higher Education Supplement
'This is an informative and entertaining book which explains simply but without trivializing and is of interest both to specialist and layman ... a comprehensive, up-to-date and, above all, highly enjoyable account of a fascinating area of science.' C. F. Taylor, Annals of Human Biology
'... a dependable insight into the applications and implications of molecular genetics.' Bernard Dixon, New Scientist
'... begins with a concise but clear and accurate account of what genes are and how they were discovered ... The author writes clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon by using homely analogies and simple explanations, but without compromising scientific accuracy ... Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more about the genetic revolution.' James W. Goding, Medical Journal of Australia