An Introduction Applied Biogeograph (Studies in Biology)

An Introduction Applied Biogeograph (Studies in Biology)

by Ian F. Spellerberg (Author)


Biogeography is about the geographical distribution, both past and present, of plants, animals and other organisms. In this undergraduate textbook Spellerberg and Sawyer bring a modern and new approach to a developing subject, writing in a lively and sometimes provocative manner. Throughout the text the applications of biogeography in conservation management, economic production, environmental assessment, sustainable use of resources, landscape planning and public health are emphasised. Applications of island biogeography in conservation, the concept of wildlife corridors and the analysis of biogeographical data are all discussed and the role of humans and their cultures in biogeography is explored. The applied approach of this textbook, along with its numerous illustrative examples and figures, make it an interesting introduction to the field for all geography, biology and environmental science students.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 260
Edition: Illustrated
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 28 Feb 1999

ISBN 10: 0521457122
ISBN 13: 9780521457125
Book Overview: An introductory textbook on the study of plant and animal distribution and the applications of biogeography.

Media Reviews
'... a well-written and produced book that takes a broad look at the history and applications of biogeography. T. Markham Puckett, PRISCUM
It is organized meticulously, written clearly (with an occasional flash of wry humor), offers well-chosen illustrations and examples drawn mostly from the authors' experience...Readers will come away with an enhanced appreciation of the role of biogeography and the power (and limitations) of the analytical tools it brings to environmental management Environment
Resource managers, conservation biologists, ecologists, and students of these fields will find this book valuable, and it will undoubtedly become assigned reading in many college courses. Wildlife Activist