Typography (The Thames & Hudson Manuals)

Typography (The Thames & Hudson Manuals)

by RuariMcLean (Author)


Typography - the art, or skill, of designing printed matter, especially printed words - has a history stretching back five hundred years. Ever since its invention in the fifteenth century printing has been based on the movable types, and this technology has conditioned the design of everything from pamphlets to newspapers, books and magazines. But in the last quarter of the twentieth century a revolution has taken place. Printers and designers throughout the world have jettisoned the old technology in favor of advanced filmsetting and desk-top systems, which introduce new problems and open up exciting possibilities for typographers. This book tackles the implications for designers of the typesetting revolution. Written with an infectious zest and enthusiasm, it is sure to become the budding typographer's basic reference book.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Published: 13 Oct 1980

ISBN 10: 0500680221
ISBN 13: 9780500680223