Architectural Expressions: A Photographic Reassessment of Fun in Architecture

Architectural Expressions: A Photographic Reassessment of Fun in Architecture

by TonyMackertich (Author), PeterMackertich (Author)


Architectural Expressions turns on its head the notion that architecture must be deadly serious in order to be valid. It is a testament to the wit and inventiveness of a selection of architects and building designers over the last century who have injected a sense of fun into the built environment. Over the last 30 years, brothers Peter and Tony Mackertich have traveled the western world seeking out buildings which are inspiring, innovative, and show a touch of humor. Their stunning color photographs bear witness to the fact that it is possible to make legitimate architecture whilst still retaining a smile. Boldly juxtaposing 'high' architecture with less recognized structures, the book traces the development of the spirit of fun in 20th-century building design. The buildings featured include: Einstein Tower, Potsdam, Germany (Erich Mendelsohn, 1919-24) Hoover Factory, London, UK (Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, 1932) Pan-Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA (William Wurdamen, 1936) AT & T Headquarters, New York, USA (Philip Johnson and John Burgee, 1982) Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (Frank O Gehry, 1997), and Peckham Library, London, UK (Will Alsop, 2000). For too long, the complex theories of architecture have tended to alienate the man in the street. Happily we have now reached a time when the same buildings that are admired by architects for their cutting-edge innovations are also appreciated by the general public for their wit and visual appeal. This book will delight anyone with either a personal interest or an active role in the design of the built environment - and a sense of humor!


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 02 Nov 2001

ISBN 10: 0471496677
ISBN 13: 9780471496670

Media Reviews
..plenty to inspire and amuse..130 pages of unadulterated joy...the photography itself is wonderful.. (FX Magazine, February 2002) ...dazzling photos...beautifully illustrated... (Locum Destination Review, Autumn 2003)