Coastal & Offshore Navigation

Coastal & Offshore Navigation

by TomCunliffe (Author)


The purpose of Coastal and Offshore Navigation 3rd Edition is to give the sailor - who has some knowledge of inshore work - a solid foundation in the arts of coastal and offshore navigation. The approach to the subject is essentially practical, so that a yachtsman whose seafaring is done in a small sailing vessel can relate to and profit from the contents. Considerable effort has been made to indicate the sort of accuracy that can reasonably be expected in the various facets of small craft navigation, so that the reader can sensibly evaluate their results. All the threads with which the navigator weaves his patterns are drawn together at the end of the book in chapters on passage planning and navigational practice. These explain what you actually do, while the earlier chapters give you the knowledge and expertise with which to do it, in reality, out at sea. Coastal and Offshore Navigation 3rd Edition guides you through all the techniques you need to master - and shows you how to draw them together in practice to ensure a smooth trip and safe landfall. Includes:* A review of the basic arts of navigation* How to predict the tide - and make it work for you* How to keep a realistic check on your navigational accuracy and modify your tactics accordingly* Safe and constructive use of electronic aids to navigation* Passage planning for an enjoyable, satisfying voyage* Passage making: a systematic, no-nonsense approach


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Edition: 3
Publisher: Fernhurst Books Ltd.
Published: 02 Jan 2009

ISBN 10: 0470753900
ISBN 13: 9780470753903