The History Book

The History Book

by HumphreyHawksley (Author)


Kat Polinski - burglar, hacker, undercover agent - returns home from a deadly mission at the Kazakh Embassy in Washington to find a cryptic message from her sister. Soon after she learns that her sister, Suzy, has been murdered - shot with a high-powered rifle in a desolate spot 30 miles from London. Why was Suzy there? Was it anything to do with the controversial 'Project Peace'?

An international security agreement, this project allows constant surveillence and loss of individual freedom in return for stability and order. Kat must use every weapon at her disposal from Martial Arts to computer hacking to bring her sister's killer to justice. But in her search for answers she discovers an increasingly plausible threat that could destroy the world as we know it.....


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
Edition: 1
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Published: 01 Nov 2007

ISBN 10: 0446527440
ISBN 13: 9780446527446

Media Reviews
Fast moving, sophisticated...The plot is full of surprises and its political implications are worth pondering. * Washington Post *
Hawksley is a brilliant writer. Any reader who loves a riveting action-packed book will love The History Book. - Reader Views
Author Bio
Humphrey Hawksley is an expert on international politics. As one of the BBC's leading foreign correspondents he has reported on the war on terror from the Middle East and the US and has extensive contacts throught the media.