Corby Flood (Far-Flung Adventures, 4)

Corby Flood (Far-Flung Adventures, 4)

by Chris Riddell (Author), Chris Riddell (Author), Paul Stewart (Author), Chris Riddell (Author)


Corby Flood and her family are about to set sail on the rather ramshackle cruise ship, the S.S. Euphonia. Her boisterous brothers might not have noticed that anything is wrong, but Corby is highly observant and has a lot of time for note-taking and eavesdropping. Onboard, amongst all the odd passengers and eccentric crew, there is a strange group of men in bowler-hats who call themselves The Brotherhood of Clowns. There's also a melancholy wailing sound coming from the hold. It's strictly out of bounds but Corby can't help investigating. What could be inside the crate she discovers down in the hold? As the ship arrives at its destination, Corby must enlist the help of some very well moustachioed locals to uncover the contents of the crate and the dark secrets of the menacing Clowns...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Yearling
Published: 06 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 0440867266
ISBN 13: 9780440867265
Children’s book age: 7-9 Years
Book Overview: Another magical, funny and fabulously illustrated story from the authors of FERGUS CRANE and THE EDGE CHRONICLES.

Media Reviews
The second sparky tale in the series, again embellished by the drawings of Chris Riddell, our latter day Heath Robinson . . . An eagerly awaited sequel -- Christina Hardyment * Independent *
Corby Flood is Stewart and Riddell's best book yet. Completely satisfying as an adventure, the new book is full of amusing characterisation and is endlessly playful and inventive -- Michael Thorn * TES *
Extremely funny and, of course, brilliantly illustrated by Chris Riddell * The Children's Bookseller *
It's difficult to comment when each book from these two, author and artist, sets a standard whereby the outstanding is normal for them! * The School Librarian *
Author Bio
Chris Riddell (Author) Chris Riddell is an acclaimed artist of children's books and a political cartoonist for the Observer. Amongst other titles, Chris illustrates the Ottoline young fiction series and the Goth Girl series, as well as working closely with Paul Stewart on the Edge Chronicles and Wyrmeweald. Children's Laureate from 2015-2017, he has won many awards for his work, including the Nestle Gold Award, the UNESCO Award for Something Else and the rare honour of three Kate Greenaway Medals.Paul Stewart (Author) Paul Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers - everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror. Together with Chris Riddell, he is co-creator of the bestselling Edge Chronicles series, which has sold over three million books and is now available in over thirty languages. They are also co-creators of the Far-Flung Adventure series, which includes Fergus Crane, Gold Smarties Prize Winner, Corby Flood and Hugo Pepper, Silver Nestle Prize Winners, and the Barnaby Grimes Series.