In a True Light

In a True Light

by JohnHarvey (Author)


When Sloane, an unsuccessful painter but a successful forger, is released from prison after taking part in a high-profile art scam, he finds a letter from a woman with whom he had a passionate affair in his youth. On her death bed she tells him that years ago she gave birth to a daughter - his daughter - Connie, from whom she has since become estranged. She implores Sloane to find her and make peace between them. Sloane agrees - but when eventually he finds Connie she is locked into a highly charged relationship with Vincent Delaney, a man whom the police believe has killed once and will not hesitate to kill again. Initially rebuffed by Connie, Sloane has to decide whether to walk away or stay and fight for her. As the police dig deeper into Delaney's business affairs and begin to uncover underworld associations, so Sloane comes to understand the depths of violence which bind Connie and Delaney together. And the more Delaney feels cornered and under pressure, the more unpredictable and dangerous he becomes...


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd
Published: 04 Oct 2001

ISBN 10: 0434009962
ISBN 13: 9780434009961

Author Bio
John Harvey is best known for his richly praised sequence of ten Nottingham-based Charlie Resnick novels, the first of which, Lonely Hearts, was recently chosen by The Times as one of the '100 Best Crime Novels of the Century'. He is also a poet, dramatist and broadcaster. After living in Nottingham for a good number of years, he has now returned to London to live with his partner and their young daughter.