Giant Panda (Animals Under Threat)

Giant Panda (Animals Under Threat)

by Anna Claybourne (Author)


A superb series that highlights the plight of animals that are endangered or threatened by extinction. Each book examines the lifestyle of the animal and why it is considered endangered or threatened. The human involvement in the threat to these animals or their habitat is discussed, and the conservation efforts being made to avoid extinction are detailed. There is also further information on sustainable development and how the reader can become involved in saving the animals. Including a world map showing areas inhabited by the animal and statistics of the animal population so rate of decline can be seen, it features case studies of specific groups of animals and people involved in their conservation


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 48
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Heinemann Library
Published: 26 Sep 2005

ISBN 10: 0431189102
ISBN 13: 9780431189109

Author Bio
Anna Claybourne enjoys writing nonfiction for children. It's a good thing she does, because she's the author of well-over 100 books on a range of topics.