Tune Your Brain Using Music to Manage Your Mind, Body And Mood

Tune Your Brain Using Music to Manage Your Mind, Body And Mood

by ElizabethMiles (Author)


Today, we are rediscovering what has been known by cultures throughout the world for centuries: music is the all-natural alternative therapy. It already plays a role in your moods, your motivation, your health, and your success -- even when you're not aware of its mind-altering effects.This practical guide shows how you can harness this force, using music as a mood-enhancement tool to help you handle anxiety, expand your creativity, get motivated, and more. It explains the unique and specific properties that give different powers to different types of music from -- hip-hop to Gregorian chants to classical to jazz. And with extensive discographies, personalized quizzes, brain-tuning strategies, and tips on using music for physical and emotional healing, it reveals ways in which anyone can find a new inner harmony -- through the power of music.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Edition: Berkley Trade Pbk. Ed
Publisher: G P Putnam's Sons
Published: 29 Oct 1998

ISBN 10: 0425160173
ISBN 13: 9780425160176