The Naked Pilot: The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents

The Naked Pilot: The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents

by David Beaty (Author)


Human error accounts for 70% of all aircraft accidents and using this as a basis the author examines accidents in terms of various psychological themes such as perception, boredom, laterality, communication and male ego. The capacity of man's brain and his ability to deal with the machines he has created have developed less in 100,000 years than have those machines in 100 years. It must therefore be recognised that it is human nature to make mistakes. From April 1991 Human Factor Training will be compulsory for pilots and the study of the human factor in all forms of transport is a growing area. This book examines the causes of accidents, offering remedies and solutions, and is aimed at the general public as well as the informed specialist. The author, who as well as being a RAF and BOAC pilot, has a degree in psychology and researched as a Ministry Psychologist on aspects of aviation psychology.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 186
Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Published: Jul 1991

ISBN 10: 0413654702
ISBN 13: 9780413654700