Serious Money (Royal Court Writers)

Serious Money (Royal Court Writers)

by Caryl Churchill (Author)


Serious Money is a Jonsonian satire about capitalism running rampant and unchecked. All money corrupts and serious money corrupts absolutely in the play's world of shady financial deals, insider trading and get rich quick wheeler dealers of both sexes. Not only does the play capture almost every aspect of dirty dealing and money grubbing from London to Wall Street, but it does so in extremely ingenious rhymed couplets!


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Published: Jun 1987

ISBN 10: 0413166600
ISBN 13: 9780413166609

Media Reviews
Brutally brilliant, savagely funny and appallingly realistic ...about the bankers...dealers...and media vultures. - Sunday Times A breathless, exhilarating crash course in the low morality of high finance - Independent
Wants us to hear the very sound of megascale greed as it is practiced on that circuit of telephone wires and computer screens blinking 24 hours a day from Tokyo to New York. - The New York Times