Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization: 8 (Gerad 25th Anniversary)

Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization: 8 (Gerad 25th Anniversary)

by David Avis (Editor), Alain Hertz (Editor), Odile Marcotte (Editor), David Avis (Editor), Alain Hertz (Editor)


Graph theory is very much tied to the geometric properties of optimization and combinatorial optimization. Moreover, graph theory's geometric properties are at the core of many research interests in operations research and applied mathematics. Its techniques have been used in solving many classical problems including maximum flow problems, independent set problems, and the traveling salesman problem. Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization explores the field's classical foundations and its developing theories, ideas and applications to new problems. The book examines the geometric properties of graph theory and its widening uses in combinatorial optimization theory and application. The field's leading researchers have contributed chapters in their areas of expertise.



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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 284
Edition: 2005
Publisher: Springer
Published: 28 Apr 2005

ISBN 10: 0387255915
ISBN 13: 9780387255910