The Dark Caller: 2 (Daughter of Storms)

The Dark Caller: 2 (Daughter of Storms)

by Louise Cooper (Author)


Recovered from her frightening ordeal in Daughter of Storms, Shar Tillmer is quietly resuming a normal life at the castle, unware that her unique powers are under threat. A letter arrives for Shar from her mother - who she has long believed to be dead - warning Shar that she is in grave danger. The letter tells her that she must leave the castle and go to the province capital where her mother, and safety, are waiting for her. Shar wants to believe her mother is alive, but how can she be sure this is not a trap? Curiosity gets the better of her, and against all advice Shar arrives at the capital only to find deception, illusion, trickery and betrayal waiting for her. With the help of her protector, a magical white cat, and good friends, Hester and Kitto, Shar defies the evil forces who wish to destroy her. But only now does Shar realise just what a danger her special powers pose - to herself most of all!



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published: 18 May 2000

ISBN 10: 0340778547
ISBN 13: 9780340778548

Author Bio
Louise Cooper is a successful adult fantasy writer who has now built a strong reputation writing in this genre for children. She has written gothic romance for Puffin and fantasy for a variety of age levels for Scholastic and Hodder. Louise now lives in Cornwall with her husband, Cas, and lots of cats!