Napoleon, France and Europe (Access to History)

Napoleon, France and Europe (Access to History)

by Andrina Stiles (Author)


This volume examines the rise and fall of Napoleon and the effect of his rule, both long and short term, on France and the rest of Europe. An analytical approach is taken to the discussion of how and why Napoleon gained control in France and how and why he was finally defeated. Part of the "Access to History" series, it is designed for A-level and Higher students, and for first-year undergraduates, and includes a text, a selection of source material, chronological tables, maps and summary flow-chart diagrams. The author has also written "The Unification of Italy 1815-70", "The Unification of Germany 1815-90", "Sweden and the Baltic 1523-1721", "The Ottoman Empire 1450-1700" and "Russia, Poland and the Ottoman Empire 1725-1800" in this series.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Hodder Arnold H&S
Published: 06 May 1993

ISBN 10: 0340573759
ISBN 13: 9780340573754