¡Acción Gramática!: New Advanced Spanish Grammar: New Spanish Grammar

¡Acción Gramática!: New Advanced Spanish Grammar: New Spanish Grammar

by Mike Zollo (Author), Mike Zollo (Author), Phil Turk (Author)


This grammar reference and practice book deals with nouns, articles and adjectives at one end of the scale, and the subjunctive, compound tenses and the passive at the other. Each of the chapters deals with a specific grammatical point. Explanations are given in English, and examples and exercises are in Spanish. Each chapter has three sections: Mecanismos (tools), giving explanations of grammatical points; Ponte a punto (get ready/tune up/limber up), giving controlled practice exercises; and ...Y en marcha (off you go), providing open-ended practice for more creative use of language. Other features include - a section on Spanish spelling, keys containing answers to Ponte a punto sections and a verb reference table. Phil Turk and Mike Zollo are co-authors of Ahora Mismo , Palabra por Palabra , Arreglatelas and Manejate .


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Hodder Education
Published: 09 Dec 1993

ISBN 10: 0340573279
ISBN 13: 9780340573273

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I enjoyed making use of this book - its simplicity and orderliness made it easy and the activities were so varied yet simple that they bring another dimension to the idea of learning grammar. -- Vida Hispanica 20020301 This is a delightful book combining old-fashioned grammar teacing and exercises with modern day imaginative practice. It is logically presented with a detailed description of how each of the three sections is organised around the grammar topic and instructions on how to use the material. -- Vida Hispanica 20020301