Researching Psychotherapy and Counselling

Researching Psychotherapy and Counselling

by RudiDallos (Author), Arlene Vetere (Author)


  • What are the benefits of conducting research while practising?
  • Which research methods are most suitable for busy practitioners?
  • How can practitioners weave research into their everyday practice without it becoming a burdensome add-on?
  • What practical and ethical considerations should counsellors and therapists take into account when researching?
This book focuses on the issues facing practising clinicians wishing to engage in research. It outlines approaches involving both clients and other professionals in the research and argues for approaches that combine an exploration of the experience as well as the effectiveness of therapies.

With an emphasis on 'do-able' research, the book examines the dilemmas and challenges for clinicians in recruiting participants and combining research with clinical practice, and includes step-by-step guides to doing research projects.

Key topics covered include:

  • Collaborative research
  • The ethics of research
  • Mixed methods of research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Suitable research methods for busy clinicians
  • Practice-based evidence and evidence-based practice
Written by authors with extensive experience of research teaching with clinicians, Researching Psychotherapy and Counselling provides a rigorous, yet practical guide for trainee and practising counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists, as well as allied mental health professionals.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 248
Publisher: Open University Press
Published: 01 Aug 2005

ISBN 10: 0335214029
ISBN 13: 9780335214020

Author Bio
Rudi Dallos is Professor of Clinical psychology and Programme Director of the D.Clin. Psychology training programme at the University of Plymouth. He also teaches on qualifying systemic family therapy courses, an intermediate family therapy course and conducts a variety of guest lecturing. He offers extensive clinical and research supervision, especially in areas related to this proposed publication. He has published a range of book , most recently, Formulation in Psychology and Psychotherapy (2005) , Working Systemically with Families, 2003, Researching psychotherapy and Counselling, 2005, An Introduction to Family Therapy (2005 2nd edition) and Interacting Stories: Narratives, Family Beliefs and Therapy (1997)