Counselling in the Voluntary Sector (Counselling in Context)

Counselling in the Voluntary Sector (Counselling in Context)

by NicholasTyndall (Author)


Nicholas Tyndall has drawn upon his extensive experience of counseling and training in personal and family organizations to provide a comprehensive picture of the voluntary sector. In his clear, accessible style, he outlines the beginnings of counseling in Britain and charts the development of the growing number of specialist and generic agencies. The book is written in the firm belief that the voluntary sector can combine what is best in the amateur and the professional. Its scope and practices are explored. Methods of selection, training and supervision of counselors are compared, and the challenges facing staff and management committees are examined. The book highlights the strengths and weaknesses of voluntary counseling, and identifies the need to improve equal opportunities, fill new gaps and develop inter-agency collaboration. The author has harsh words for public bodies which have high expectations of volunteers but are not prepared to meet the cost. He offers helpful advice for existing agencies and those wanting to improve their personal services, and guidance to individuals who are interested in becoming counselors.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 149
Publisher: Open University Press
Published: 01 Sep 1993

ISBN 10: 0335190278
ISBN 13: 9780335190270

Media Reviews
Nick Tyndall writes from experience using many relevant and lively examples...distinguished by commonsense, good practice, research and is a summary of wisdom...Voluntary counselling organizations will use this slim volume as a paradigm for good practice for many years to come. - Counselling News. Tyndall writes...with authority and clarity, andwithtelling insights...This is an excellent book, authoritative, lucid and thought-provoking... - The Samaritan ...the book is full of interesting detail and offers a valuable account of thedevelopment and structure of counselling in the voluntary sector. It is a pioneering work of its kind and as such is to be welcomed. If youare at all interested in the delivery of counselling services to the community, you will almost certainly find something of interest withinthe pages of this book. - British Journal of Guidance and Counselling ...a lucid and succinct account of the relevant history which is eminently readable...Tyndall provides a wealth of comparative information, sound guidance and a view on the potential hazards...As well as providing salutary food for thought forthe professional counsellor, the book presents a unique compilation of information and guidance and a source of inspiration for all those concerned with managing voluntary counselling agencies, volunteers and employees alike. - Lifeline : Newsletter of the National Association of Bereavement Services.