Guide to Linear Algebra (Mathematical Guides)

Guide to Linear Algebra (Mathematical Guides)

by David A. Towers (Author)


This textbook offers a carefully paced and sympathetic treatment of linear algebra, assuming knowledge only of the basic notation and elementary ideas of set theory. It progresses gradually to the more powerful and abstract notions of linear algebra, providing exercises which test and develop the reader's understanding at the end of each section. Full answers are given for most of the exercises to facilitate self-paced study.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 224
Edition: 1988
Publisher: Palgrave
Published: 18 Jun 1988

ISBN 10: 033343627X
ISBN 13: 9780333436271

Author Bio
DAVID TOWERS is Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Lancaster University and taught previously at the universities of Sheffield and Leeds. he is also Consultant Editor for the Palgrave Mathematical Guides.