Final Target

Final Target

by IrisJohansen (Author)


Dr. Jessica Riley nursed her sister back from a six-year withdrawal after the traumatic deaths of their parents and Melissa has spent every day since living life to the full. But when Jessica takes on the treatment of Cassie, beloved daughter of US President Andreas, the lives of both sisters become more and more complicated. Cassie is suffering a nightmare-filled trauma after her family's holiday retreat was violently attacked by masked criminals wishing to bargain with the President and use his daughter as currency. Cassie's life was saved at the last minute, but the bloody affair has gone unpunished and Cassie's saviour, Michael Travis - the only man who seems to hold any clues to the attackers' identities - has secrets of his own and has disappeared himself.

As the manhunt for enigmatic diamond smuggler Travis closes in, all the characters are forced to bend the rules and trust those they would normally condemn. Extraordinary bonds develop and at every turn the mysterious pull of an emerald-eyed statue is strangely significant. Lives depend on knowing who can really be trusted and some will doubtless be lost . . .

This intense and lively thriller will keep you turning the pages to discover who is going to be the FINAL TARGET.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Edition: Main Market
Publisher: Pan
Published: 09 Nov 2001

ISBN 10: 0330488708
ISBN 13: 9780330488709

Author Bio
Iris Johansen is the author of 17 novels and consistently hits the top end of the bestseller lists in the US. She lives in Georgia, USA.