Massive (Young Picador)

Massive (Young Picador)

by JuliaBell (Author)


'Big, bold and brave' J-17

'I'm fat,' I hear myself saying. I look in the mirror. My face has gone hot and red; I feel like i'm going to explode. 'I'm fat.' It sizzles under my skin, puffing me up, pushing me out, making me massive.

Weight has always been a big issue in Carmen's life. Not surprising when her mum is obsessed with the idea that thin equals beauty, thin equals success, thin equals the way to get what you want. And somehow her daughter is going to be thin.

When her mother sweeps her off to live in the city, Carmen finds her old world disappearing. With everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Carmen starts to ask: if she were thin, very thin, could it all be different?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Edition: Reprints
Publisher: Young Picador
Published: 06 Jun 2003

ISBN 10: 0330415611
ISBN 13: 9780330415613
Children’s book age: 12+ Years

Media Reviews
For every girl who's fat or thin or in between, Massive is terrific. Julia Bell's Carmen knows how it feels to want to scream but to grit your teeth instead. -- Gail Giles, author of Shattering Glass and Dead Girls Don't Write Letters.
Author Bio
Julia Bell was born in 1971 and brought up in Wales. She co-edited adult story collections Hard Shoulder (Tindal Street Press, 1999) and England Calling (Weidenfeld, 2001), and co-edited The Creative Writing Handbook (Macmillan 2001). She established the small press Pen & Inc at the University of East Anglia where she teaches Creative Writing.