A Promise To Nadia: A true story of a British slave in the Yemen

A Promise To Nadia: A true story of a British slave in the Yemen

by Andrew Crofts (Author), Andrew Crofts (Author), Zana Muhsen (Author)


Ten years ago Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia, and Nadia's two small children. As she described so powerfully in her internationally bestselling book SOLD, Zana made a solemn vow to Nadia that she would do everything she possibly could obtain their freedom as well. A PROMISE TO NADIA will tell the extraordinary story of those ten years; of the family's lone campaign against the Yemeni authorities; of the refusal of their own government in London to help; and of the despair that forced them into a desperate deal with an unofficial military-style organisation specialising in the recovery of abducted children.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Publisher: Little, Brown
Published: 20 Jan 2000

ISBN 10: 0316852309
ISBN 13: 9780316852302

Media Reviews
'A powerful, skilfully written account of a woman's struggle against a patriarchal, disgusting and contemptible practice that, unbelievably still happens today.' SUNDAY BUSINESS POST '[A] tragic, haunting story.' RTE GUIDE
Author Bio
Zana Muhsen's account of her escape from slavery in the Yemen (SOLD) was an international bestseller.