Cassell Dictionary Of Insulting Quotations

Cassell Dictionary Of Insulting Quotations

by JonathonGreen (Author)


Brings together devastating views on figures as diverse as Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Shakespeare, James Joyce and Marilyn Monroe Includes coverage of national insults, and attacks on professions, institutions and places Full author index Now in paperback


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Publisher: Orion
Published: 09 Sep 1999

ISBN 10: 0304351970
ISBN 13: 9780304351978
Book Overview: It was very good of God to let Carlyle and Mrs Carlyle marry one another and so make two people miserable instead of four.' (Samuel Beckett) He occasionally stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.' (Winston Churchill on a political rival) At its best, rudeness can be an art form, and the Cassell Dictionary of Insulting Quotations is a glorious celebration of the polished outpourings of its most successful practitioners. Luckless victims range from famous literary figures to politicians to kings and queens to actors, musicians and artist, and there are also devastating side-swipes at more general targets for invective, such as businessmen, newspapers and the countryside. Entertaining, funny and rude, this collection delves deeply and viciously into the uncharitable side of human nature.

Author Bio
Jonathon Green is a well-known writer and broadcaster who has published widely on aspects of popular and oral culture, and has compiled a number of dictionaries of quotations and of slang.