Buttering Parsnips, Twocking Chavs : The Secret Life Of The English Language

Buttering Parsnips, Twocking Chavs : The Secret Life Of The English Language

by David Pickering (Compiler), David Pickering (Compiler), Martin H. Manser (Author)


Within the rambling house of words and language we all too often expect to find doors with forbidding-sounding signs on them: 'Spelling', 'Grammar', 'Syntax', 'Etymology', 'Phonetics' and the like - signs that discourage rather than invite entry. But behind these heavy doors the house of words and language is a place of delight and curiosity: on closer inspection its shelves are revealed to be groaning not with dry and dusty tomes exhorting correctness of grammar and usage but with more toothsome reading-matter: intriguing tales of unexpected word and phrase origins; light-hearted explorations of the pleasures of wordplay; listings of lexical peculiarities, from 'ghost letters' to words that have no rhymes; and accounts and examples of the myriad types of English, from slang to jargon, and from gobbledegook to text messaging. Buttering Parsnips, Twocking Chavs is a guided tour of the English language, arranged in 'seven ages' (chapters), tracing the 'birth' of words (alphabets, word origins, etc.), their youthful playfulness and occasional misdemeanours (word games, misspellings, etc.) and various other stages of language 'life', culminating in death (last words, lost words, etc.) and reincarnation (words that have changed their meaning). Within each of these chapters clusters of loosely related material are presented in a range of different forms - lists, small passages of narrative text, amusing quotations and nuggets of amazing facts.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Orion
Published: 16 Aug 2007

ISBN 10: 029785349X
ISBN 13: 9780297853497
Book Overview: An entertaining, humorous and informative guide to the world of words. Explores every nook and cranny of English - from alphabets to etymology, from spelling to spoonerisms and from palindromes to portmanteau words. Amounts to nothing less than a popular, accessible and useful guide to English vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The perfect gift for word buffs and for anyone who is fascinated by words and their origins.

Author Bio
David Pickering is an experienced reference book compiler, freelance since 1992. He has contributed (often as sole author or chief editor) to around 200 books in the fields of general reference, English language, the arts, history and popular interest. He has also broadcast many times on a variety of subjects on radio and television. He lives in Buckingham with his wife and two sons. Martin H. Manser has been a professional reference book editor since 1980. He has compiled or edited more than 150 reference books, particularly English-language dictionaries, thesauruses, and Bible reference titles. He is also a language trainer and consultant with national companies and organizations. He and his wife live in Aylesbury and have a son and a daughter.