LifeSmart: Get the Facts, Follow the Steps, Feel the Difference

LifeSmart: Get the Facts, Follow the Steps, Feel the Difference

by Carole Caplin (Author)


Wouldn't it be great to start each day feeling as if you have just had a week's holiday? To feel relaxed, but energetic? Carole Caplin's LifeSmart covers the whole spectrum of health, fitness and well-being. Instead of using exercise or diet in isolation LifeSmart offers men and women of all ages an integrated multi-dimensional approach to the many different health and lifestyle alternatives available. This means looking at everything including stress and environment as well as physical and emotional health. Carole Caplin identifies the common ailments or problems that confront us every day, and through a realistic diet, exercise and health programme she shows you how to feel better and make the best of yourself. DIET. * How there is no quick fix but a nutritional programme you can follow for life. Misconceptions about healthy eating and weight-loss regimes. EXERCISE. * How every form of exercise plays its part in detoxing, relaxing, energising, burning fat, toning, strengthening. Exercise regimes for different areas of the body. HEALTH. * How to look after yourself - prioritising and getting it right.Integrating orthodox and complementary medicine, and their pros and cons. Carole has twenty years' experience helping men and women to achieve optimum health. She and her team have devised the best of the LifeSmart programme for you, setting clear goals. Carole passionately believes that for the cost of a book her fresh approach to maximising your well-being becomes more widely available. The result is LifeSmart.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 27 Dec 2004

ISBN 10: 0297843834
ISBN 13: 9780297843832
Book Overview: Takes the fad out of fitness - instead of using exercise or diet in isolation, LifeSmart takes a whole body approach to optimum health and well-being. Carole Caplin is a high-profile personality, the driving force behind Life Smart and a columnist on the Mail on Sunday

Author Bio
Carole Caplin developed the integrated health system Holistix, which was run for Danceworks, Pineapple, Wayne Sleep's Studio and The Place. Many of its principles laid the foundations for LifeSmart. Carole now writes a regular column for The Mail on Sunday.