What Not to Wear for Every Occasion : Part 2

What Not to Wear for Every Occasion : Part 2

by Robin Matthews (Photographer), Susannah Constantine (Author), Trinny Woodall (Author)


In What Not to Wear we established the rules for dressing to suit your body shape. While you now know which skirt to avoid and which dress length to wear, many women say they still don't know what to wear to certain occasions - a job interview, a hot date, a wedding, a school function, going on from work, or just running around. This book is occasion led. It brings together those other elements that will give you total confidence to attend any event, work in any environment, go anywhere on holiday, and feel totally appropriately dressed, FOR YOU. Whether you want your look to be casual, trendy or smart, Susannah and Trinny will show you how to sally forth with style and confidence.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Publisher: W&N
Published: 11 Sep 2003

ISBN 10: 0297843559
ISBN 13: 9780297843559
Book Overview: Susannah & Trinny's third television series will be screened on BBC3 at the end of Sept and prime time BBC2 at the beginning of November. Susannah & Trinny's last television series on BBC2 attracted 3.8 million viewers - viewing figures are expected to double for this series. What Not to Wear sold 650,000 copies. Susannah & Trinny revise their coveted personal directory of high street shops, boutiques and department stores across the UK and include some new categories.

Media Reviews
'Having joined in Carol Vorderman's very funny but undoubtedly waspish condemnation of Trinny and Susannah earlier this year ... I now find myself warming to them having read extracts from their new book telling us all what to wear. What I find engaging is that they are just as rude about their own figures as they are about everyone else's...' -- Richard & Judy DAILY EXPRESS (13/9/03) 'The week just wouldn't be complete without... Looking good. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have another book out for mere mortals who struggle to look good every day. (WNTW2) guides readers through the clothing minefield, helping them to avoid gaffes galore. The hardback has even more hot tips.' SATURDAY DAILY EXPRESS MAG (13/9/03) '...rather better than the first book - there are superior tips and some pieces of information that immediately lodge themselves in your head...The pictures are funnier too...' -- India Knight EVENING STANDARD (15/9/03) 'Boost your style cred by reading one of these fashionable new books... The accompanying Bible to the third TV series. Fashion's favourite twosome give tips/barking orders about what to wear on that all important interview/date/wedding.' IN STYLE (Oct '03) 'They're back on TV for another series and here's the new book to accompany it. This time the redoutable pair we love to hate focus on every special occasion you might have to frock up for. From job interviews to different work environments, various kinds of holiday destinations to school functions, hot dates and weddings - you name it they demonstrate how to dress appropriately and feel so much more confident.' WOMAN & HOME (Oct '03) 'So if you don't know how to dress for a winter wedding or get in a sweat over what to take on holiday - this is your style bible. If you're dating again after many years out of it, there's a section on what to wear to look seductive, without looking cheap! Brutal but effective.' CANDIS (Oct '03) 'Soon to have the best-dressed babies in Britain, the mums-to-be have released their second style bible, modelling fabulous and dubious outfits (just like they do in real life!). HOT STARS - OK MAGAZINE (25-31 Oct '03) 'Once again, Trin and Suz have balanced being informative, honest and entertaining to provide us with a fab fashion bible. And the faces that Trinny pulls are priceless.' HEAT (8-14 Nov '03) 'It pains me greatly to admit that this is a good book. Like the TV show, it's full of funny, hissing, bitch wisdom... It's surprisingly engrossing to see for the nth time what the fat one and the skinny one look like in different outfits, and the photos reveal their genuine pleasure and skill in the play-acting and dressing up that they've managed to turn into a career... you too can learn how to con your boss/love-rival/potential partner into thinking you've actually got a nice figure.' INK magazine (Dec 03) 'An invaluable addition to even the most confident dresser's wardrobe.' WOMAN (Dec 03)
Author Bio
Susannah and Trinny's first two television series were such a success they have been commissioned for another. They also write for Heat magazine and do a monthly makeover in Thursday's Daily Mail. Trinny & Susannah's eighth primetime television series will be shown on ITV in the autumn. They write for Heat magazine and the Sun. They are Britain's best known style experts, called upon to adjudicate on all matters sartorial.