How to Do a Great Job... and Go Home on Time

How to Do a Great Job... and Go Home on Time

by Fergus O ' Connell (Author)


Most of us haven't been successful in achieving a work/life balance. It remains a Holy Grail shining in the distance, always out of reach. For those who feel they have it, it seems to have come down to overcoming the guilt they feel as they sidle out at 5 pm while everybody else is still in the office. Small wonder that elusive balance preoccupies us all more and more. But what if it isn't really a 'balancing act' at all? What if we didn't have to choose between work and life.What if we all needed to start thinking and acting in a different way, and if we did it would be possible to do a great job AND go home on time? Bestselling author Fergus O'Connell says it is possible - and in this book he shows us all how to do it.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Published: 22 Sep 2005

ISBN 10: 0273704559
ISBN 13: 9780273704553
Book Overview: Forget work life balance - discover how to be great at your job AND have a life. By the author of best selling Simply Brilliant.

Media Reviews

I am always delighted when I come across a book that speaks to me personally or provides me with professional insights. Fergus O'Connelll's does both, and my only complaint is that he didn't write it earlier... Its light-hearted and humorous style is boud to appeal to a mass audience... delivering a hard-hitting message in a subtle, low-key way... this is a must-read book - People Management, January 2006

Solid good advice... this book could be the catalyst you need - Student Accountant November 2006

Author Bio
The Sunday Business Post has described Fergus O'Connell as having 'more strings to his bow than a Stradivarius'. He has a First in Mathematical Physics and has worked in information technology, software development and general management with companies such as CPT, ICL and Retix. In 1992, he founded ETP (, now one of the world's leading programme and project management companies. His project management method 'Structured Project Management / The Ten Steps'; has influenced a generation of project managers. Fergus is the author of five books, including the bestselling Simply Brilliant - The Competitive Advantage of Common Sense, now in its second edition and How To Run Successful Projects 'The Silver Bullet', now in its third edition. Fergus has also written a novel, Call The Swallow, published in 2002. Simply Brilliant was runner-up in the W H Smith Book Awards 2002. Call The Swallow was short listed for the 2002 Kerry Ingredients Irish Fiction Prize and nominated for the Hughes & Hughes / Sunday Independent Novel of the Year. His books have been translated into eight languages.