Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People

Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People

by JamesBorg (Author)


"This book should be on every individuals bookshelf!" Sir John Harvey Jones We all rely heavily on our persuasive powers every day - whether you are trying to get people to agree with you, influencing others to make a decision, asking for something, or attempting to bring about a change of behaviour or attitude in others, your success will depend on how persuasive you can be. Persuasion is key to personal and managerial success. Whether it's in your professional or your personal life, so much of your success in persuasion is down to a combination of self-assesment and situational assessment - being aware of what's going on inside you and being aware of what's happening around you. And the good news is that there are a set of golden behavioural rules that will boost your persuasive powers and get a positive result for you with increased regularity.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: 1
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published: 21 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 0273688383
ISBN 13: 9780273688389
Prizes: Shortlisted for Heathrow Travel Product Award: Travel Read, Non-Fiction 2009.

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Foreword by Sir John Harvey-Jones MBEAcknowledgementsIntroduction1. The power of persuasion: How empathy and sincerity work wonders for you 2. Being a good listener: Why listening is so crucial 3. Attention please: Keeping attention where you want it 4. Mind your body language: How to read signals from others and send out the right ones 5. Memory magic: The impact of good recall and simple tips to improve your memory 6. Make words work for you - the power of psycholinguistics: Success can depend on saying the right thing at the right time 7. Telephone telepathy: Learn to use the telephone to your best advantage and read situations better 8. Negotiating for mutual benefit: Understand the psychology involved, to achieve the best possible result 9. The personality spectrum: How to identify successfully and deal with different 'types' 10. Persuasive power in action Appendix: Answers