Net Trading

Net Trading

by Mr Alpesh Patel (Author)


'We trade online to save commissions, to be in charge of our investments, to be more in control of our own futures, to keep more of the profits. The Internet has further democratized capitalism.'

This is a world where millions of people are discovering the rewards of home stock trading, where online investing is one of the most popular pursuits on the Internet, and where Internet brokers are making trading accessible to a whole new generation. This is the world of net-trading, and this is the age of the net trader.

Get online with the new trading strategies. It's time to learn from the best and beat the rest.

In Net-Trading best-selling trading expert Alpesh Patel explores the world of online trading in stocks, options and futures and introduces the next generation of strategies form the growing community of electronic traders. From first steps to flawless execution, from volume patterns to volatility, practical advice is matched with the day-to-day trading tips, tactics and market experiences of some of the world's most successful electronic traders.

Combining practical expertise with personal experiences on the electronic frontier, this book is a valuable insight into electronic day-trading and an insight into the world of the e-traders.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Edition: 01
Publisher: ft com
Published: 22 Dec 1999

ISBN 10: 0273645021
ISBN 13: 9780273645023

Media Reviews

'Net Trading has an easy charm and assured delivery which will benefit beginners and experienced online traders alike. It is embellished throughout with the kind of detail that made Trading Online such a great read. Patel cuts and pastes snippets from online chat rooms and mixes it up with expert advice from the likes of Jon Najarian and Bernard Oppetit. He is encyclopedic in his guide to the best online trading sites and brokers. If Net Trading is any indication of the quality we can expect from the nascent book imprint, the future is bright indeed.'

Iain Campbell, Amazon

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Author Bio
Alpesh Patel is a barrister who trades online globally. He placed his first trade 16 years ago at the age of twelve. Whilst living in Washington D.C, he started using the Internet as a trading resource before most people had even heard of the Net. He own equities in European, US and Indian companies. Alpesh is the director of several Internet companies. Alpesh is the author of The Mind of a Trader (FT Pitman, 1998) and the best selling Trading Online (Financial Times/Prentice Hall). Alpesh writes the popular Diary of an Internet Trader in the Financial Times, and Patel on the Markets on the UK-invest website. He also lectures around the world and appears on regular shows on Bloomberg TV.