The Power of Place: Geography, Destiny, and Globalization's Rough Landscape

The Power of Place: Geography, Destiny, and Globalization's Rough Landscape

by HarmDeBlij (Author)


The world is not as mobile or as interconnected as we like to think. As Harm de Blij argues in The Power of Place, in crucial ways-from the uneven distribution of natural resources to the unequal availability of opportunity-geography continues to hold billions of people in its grip. We are all born into natural and cultural environments that shape what we become, individually and collectively. From our "mother tongue" to our father's faith, from medical risks to natural hazards, where we start our journey has much to do with our destiny. Hundreds of millions of farmers in the river basins of Asia and Africa, and tens of millions of shepherds in isolated mountain valleys from the Andes to Kashmir, all live their lives much as their distant ancestors did, remote from the forces of globalization. Incorporating a series of persuasive maps, De Blij describes the tremendously varied environments across the planet and shows how migrations between them are comparatively rare. De Blij also looks at the ways we are redefining place so as to make its power even more potent than it has been, with troubling implications.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: OUP USA
Published: Jan 2011

ISBN 10: 0199754322
ISBN 13: 9780199754328

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Should be set upon the desks of every legislator, policy wonk and concerned citizen.
Author Bio
Harm de Blij is the John A. Hannah Professor of Geography at Michigan State University. The author of 30 books, including Why Geography Matters, he is an honorary life member of the National Geographic Society and was previously the Geography Editor on ABC's Good Morning America.