Q&A: Equity and Trusts: Blackstone's Law Questions and Answers 2006 and 2007

Q&A: Equity and Trusts: Blackstone's Law Questions and Answers 2006 and 2007

by Margaret Wilkie (Author), Margaret Wilkie (Author), Rosalind Malcolm (Author), Peter Luxton (Author)


Examination questions in equity and trusts can seem particularly daunting to students. This book shows how to successfully tackle the sort of problems and essay questions typically found in examination papers. The authors suggest how answers should be structured, providing advice on what to include, and on what to leave out. No matter how good your research and study skills, the ultimate test for the law student is the exam. The more preparation you have, the better equipped you will be. Blackstone's Questions and Answers Series gives students the opportunity to practise their exam techniques and evaluate and assess their progress. Written by experienced lecturers, the series covers all the topics found on law degree courses, CPE courses, and other undergraduate courses where law is an essential element. Each title is divided into chapters covering each major topic and contains up to 50 questions and answers. Each chapter has an introduction focusing on important points and suggestions for further reading. Each question is followed by clear commentary highlighting the essential elements of each question and indicating exactly what the examiners are looking for.This new edition also contains bullet pointed answer plans listing the main issues to be raised in each chapter, further reading at the end of every chapter, and diagrams illuminating key points to provide students with instant confidence. Unlike any other book on the market, this fifth edition of Q & A Equity and Trusts covers the Charities Act 2005, making it the most up-to-date revision guide available. Companion Web Site A dedicated Online Resource Centre supports this title, containing web links and a glossary of terms on equity and trusts.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 280
Edition: 5
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Published: 20 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 0199290997
ISBN 13: 9780199290994

Author Bio

Margaret Wilkie is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield. She previously worked at the University of Westminster, where she has taught equity and trusts on both the degree course and the CPE. She is also the subject monitor for ILEX Tutorial Services
Rosalind Malcolm is a Barrister and University Director in Law at the University of Surrey, where she has taught equity and trusts on the degree course
Peter Luxton is a Solicitor and a professor at the University of Sheffield. He has taught equity and trusts at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.