The Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary

The Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary

by etc. (Editor), Cristina Llompart (Editor)


This Spanish dictionary from Oxford's "Starter" range has been specially designed for beginners and is not simply a scaled-down version of larger dictionaries. The symbols on the page provide a consistent structure for the information both in English and Spanish, and the subdivisions of text are indicated using bullet points and Arabic numerals. The move from one language to another is indicated in = signs. There are no abbreviations, and parts of speech, gender labels, regional markers and grammatical terms are all given in full with a glossary providing explanations and examples of different parts of speech in use. More complex grammatical issues are dealt with in short notes at appropriate points in the text or in the more detailed boxed grammar notes. The language used in examples and in sense indicators (or signposts to the correct translation) is screened to ensure clarity to guide the learner to the right translation. Points of basic grammar are reinforced and colloquial usage is marked for both English and Spanish. Vocabulary relevant to areas such as days of the month, games and sports, and talking about time are given and there is an "Extra Help" section and a "Dictionary Skills" section to help learners to find their way around a dictionary in addition to building up their vocabulary.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 376
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 01 Sep 1997

ISBN 10: 0198600356
ISBN 13: 9780198600350