The Pill and Other Forms of Hormonal Contraception

The Pill and Other Forms of Hormonal Contraception

by JohnGuillebaud (Author)


The pill is the most widely used form of contraception in the UK, and yet it also creates more anxiety and misunderstanding than any other contraceptive. In this bestselling handbook John Guillebaud presents the facts, dispels the myths, presents the choices, and answers the questions which are most often asked. In this fifth edition he provides information about new formulations, examines all the side effects, including the issue of whether there is any link between the pill and deep vein thrombosis, heart disease, or cancer, and gives details about the newest methods of giving contraceptive hormones.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Edition: 5Rev Ed
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
Published: 08 May 1997

ISBN 10: 0192861883
ISBN 13: 9780192861887

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the most authoritative lay-person's guide Guardian the definitive book on pill use for the consumer...and the professional Family Planning Today distinguishes between fact and fiction, and presents up-to-date information in a direct and easily understood manner Nursing Standard