Sex Therapy : A Practical Guide: A Practical Guide (Oxford Medical Publications)

Sex Therapy : A Practical Guide: A Practical Guide (Oxford Medical Publications)

by KeithHawton (Author)


Sexual problems are a major cause of personal distress and marital breakdown, affecting as many as one in ten of the general population. The author, who has had extensive clinical, research, and teaching experience in the field of sexual dysfunction, has written a very practical account of the nature, causes, assessment, and treatment of sexual problems. The various stages of treatment are described in sufficient detail for therapists who are about to start sex therapy. Experienced therapists will also find this book a source of useful advice. The treatment approach includes behavioural, psychotherapeutic, and educational techniques. In addition to the treatment of couples, the management of sexual problems of individuals without partners, and of the phsyically disabled, are also described. Practical guidance is backed up by research findings. This book is an up-to-date, straightforward, and practical account which should be of considerable interest to anyone involved in the management of sexual problems.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 284
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Published: 07 Feb 1985

ISBN 10: 0192614134
ISBN 13: 9780192614131

Media Reviews
This excellent book should restore confidence in the subject. Throughout the book the author shows his concern to understand and meet the individual needs of his patients rather than to apply his own or others' values and attitudes. This is a thoroughly readable and practical book. * British Medical Journal *
This book is an absorbing, straightforward and objective guide to the principles and practice of sex therapy. It is a valuable source of information for those about to embark upon sex therapy training as well as for those experienced in sexual and marital therapy. * British Journal of Psychiatry *