CIG Internet 2003_p: UK and Eire 2003 Edition (Complete Idiots Guide)

CIG Internet 2003_p: UK and Eire 2003 Edition (Complete Idiots Guide)

by Young (Author)


But Why A UK and Eire Guide To The Internet? In the UK and Eire we use the Internet differently from our American counterparts: different companies provide the services we need, charge different prices for them, and give us different options to choose from. And once we're connected, we want to find the information that matters to us, so we need to look in different places to find it. In addition, because we're not American (or French, or Italian ...), our interests, habits, laws, environment and whole way of life, differ enormously. These affect both the way we use the Internet and what we use it for. *Most American users have access to free local phone calls, which means that they can stay connected to the Internet all day long for no extra charge. In the UK, where many of us still pay by the minute, to follow some of the suggestions given in an American guide could end up costing a small fortune! Throughout this book, it's assumed that you want your time on the Internet to have as little impact as possible on the size of your phone bill.*As a local user, you want to find local information.For example, you want to read local newspapers and magazines; see local weather forecasts; check local TV listings and sports results; find out what's showing at your nearest cinema; use local travel agents, hotels, airlines and trains; plan days out at local theme parks, museums and so on. *Many Internet sites give support, help and advice on any subject you can imagine. Although some American Internet books can point you towards valuable information, they won't tell you where to get the best UK and Eire legal or consumer advice, find a job, or discuss financial matters with other UK and Eire investors.*You can now buy almost anything from 'cyberstores' on the Internet. But do you really want to do your shopping in dollars and wait for the goods to be shipped from America when there are plenty of UK and Eire shopping sites just a couple of mouse clicks away? In fact, if you want to use the Internet to arrange car insurance, manage your bank account, or book theatre tickets, among other things, you'll have to find the right sites in the UK and Eire!


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Edition: Rev e.
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published: 08 Nov 2002

ISBN 10: 0130399140
ISBN 13: 9780130399144