Cobra 405

Cobra 405

by Damien Lewis (Author)


1976, war-torn Beirut. An unknown band of armed men blast their way into the Imperial Bank of Beirut. Over the next 48 hours they load up three trucks with gold bullion, and the raiders and the loot disappear forever. But whilst the heist went like clockwork, they are forced to hide the loot and make their getaway. Thirty years later, they are planning their return. . . The only problem is that a powerful and ruthless enemy is hell bent on finding the gold before them. So begins a race against time to get to the gold before the deadly Black Assassins group can catch up with them.


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Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 432
Publisher: Arrow
Published: 06 Mar 2008

ISBN 10: 0099481960
ISBN 13: 9780099481966
Book Overview: Previously published as Cobra Gold, this is the extraordinary story of the SAS's most daring ever raid

Media Reviews
Perfect summer pool-side escapism * Daily Mail *
An absolute belter of an adventure/thriller * ETLife *
Cobra Gold is a fast moving story built around the biggest bank robbery the world has ever seen. The story starts with a highly professional bank-heist in Beirut, in 1976. The SAS team that breaks in are faced with a prize of staggering and unexpected proportions, then as courage, greed, opportunism and recklessness starts to unfold you get sucked into the problems of trying to hide, let alone dispose of a heavy and cumbersome mountain of gold valued at $50million. With an eye to technical accuracy, which is such a feature of Damien's writing, the tale finally brings us to the modern day. The terrorist organization that claims ownership of the gold and the authorities that send the team in to this most covert of covert operations are formidable adversaries and throwing them off the trail is no easy matter. This is modern drama at its best with Damien Lewis in top form * Compass Magazine *
Incredible * FHM *
Author Bio
Damien Lewis is a journalist and documentary film maker and has spent twenty years reporting from conflict zones. He has worked for the Telegraph, the Guardian and the BBC. Slave and Operation Certain Death have both been Sunday Times bestsellers. He lives in London.