Working the Wheel

Working the Wheel

by Martin Brundle (Author), Maurice Hamilton (Author), Maurice Hamilton (Author), Maurice Hamilton (Author)


In this unique book the reader will have his armchair converted to the laid-down cockpit of a Formula One car and be swept around the world's classic motor racing circuits. He will experience the extraordinary sensations, the adrenaline and the atmosphere as told by the sport's best analyst. Together with F1's respected journalist, Maurice Hamilton, Brundle brings his infallible humour and insight, his experiences and opinion, to each of the circuits and its classic races. From the camber at Monaco, which will leave your wheels hanging in the air, to Melbourne and the dynamics behind the most dramatic crash of the decade. Encompassing such essential details as neck-snapping acceleration, smashing cars worth a quarter of a million, and the amount of sweat a driver will lose in a race, this is a rare F1 book - funny, opinionated, evocative and dramatic.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 320
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Ebury Press
Published: 06 Oct 2005

ISBN 10: 0091900816
ISBN 13: 9780091900816
Book Overview: A unique and dramatic driver's-eye account of F1's classic circuits from the sport's most popular commentator

Media Reviews
A nail-biting account of driving the great race-tracks of the world, told through a Formula One driver's eyes -- Sir Stirling Moss
A pithy and entertaining account of motor racing as a professional driver * Saturday Telegraph *
A must for any F1 fan * Sunday Express *
Martin Brundle is by far and away the best grand prix commentator around ... Working the Wheel is a modern classic ... A must for serious race fans * Car magazine *
a fascinating look at his experiences in and out of the car. A must for any F1 fan * Sunday Express *
Author Bio
Martin Brundle's 12-year F1 career gave him eight podium finishes. He is Director of the British Racing Driver's Club and shareholder in the Brundle motor dealerships in his Native Norfolk. He has received two Royal Society of Television Awards for his commentary. Maurice Hamilton has been a freelance writer of F1 for 25 years. He has won four awards and written 15 books including ghosting Damon Hill's bestselling account of his 1994 season. He is motor racing correspondent for the Observer and F1 commentator for Radio 5 Live.