The Universal Meaning of the Kaballah (Mandala Books)

The Universal Meaning of the Kaballah (Mandala Books)

by N.Pearson (Translator), Leo Schaya (Author)


The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah is a discussion of the meaning of God, the Universe and Man, their essential unity and fundamental attributes as seen through the eyes of Jewish esoteric tradition. The author expounds the Kabbalah's universal teachings which relate all things to their supreme archetypes, the ten Sefiroth or principal aspects of God. In addition to the Old Testament and the Talmud, M.Schaya discusses one of the classical sources of Jewish mysticism, the Zohar or Book of Splendour. The author promotes the view that to rediscover the deepest meaning of the Old Testament through the interpretations of the Kabbalah, is something that could have a most tonic and enlightening effect on the whole of Christain thought today; these scriptures emphasize a knowledge concerning the triple ordr, Divine, cosmic, and human on which the New Testament itself rests - and is seen to inevitably transform a man's spiritual and moral outlook in a mananer that will affect his whole scale of values and actions.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Thorsons
Published: 26 Jan 1989

ISBN 10: 0044403240
ISBN 13: 9780044403241