The Sunday Times Money Guide

The Sunday Times Money Guide

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The one-stop guide to all your money questions, whether it is savings, borrowing money, insurance, buying a home, pensions, shares or investments, with full details of the March 2004 Budget. This book is all about money; how to borrow it, save it, invest it - and how to protect what you already have. Every week The Sunday Times 'Money' section receives many letters asking for advice, information and help and we know that there is an imense appetite for straightforward advice on personal finance. This book should be an invaluable guide to help you reach sensible decisons based on what you want and need, now and in the future, to recognise good products and appropriate strategies for your particular circumstances, and to know where to go for advice. Do you have a endowment mortgage and are wondering what to do? Have you made plans for a pension? Managing your own financial affairs is something many of us try to avoid. Diana Wright, former Editor of The Sunday Times Money section, and her team of personal finance experts guide you through the mysteries of personal finance so that you will be able to make more informed choices that really can save you money. The book, with lots of examples and helpful lists of things to do, covers Savings: from next eggs to bonds Borrowing: from overdrafts to mortgages Investing: from unit trusts to buy-for-let Insuring: from your life to your car Pensions and retirement: from annuities to stakeholder pensions Tax and tax planning: from income tax inheritance tax planning, plus details of the 2005 Budget Getting advice and making complaints: who to contact and where to find them.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Times Books
Published: 07 Jun 2004

ISBN 10: 0007181388
ISBN 13: 9780007181384

Author Bio

Diana Wright was editor of The Sunday Times Money section for 10 years and is currently Money Consulting Editor. She writes a regular column in The Sunday Times. She is the author of a number of books on personal finance, including Your Home: How to Buy, Sell and Pay for It and Your Retirement (both published by HarperCollins).