Complete Illustrated Guide - Palmistry

Complete Illustrated Guide - Palmistry

by PeterWest (Author)


A comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of the ancient art of hand reading, to reveal your hidden potential and for guidance on health, wealth, relationships and the future. Practiced for thousands of years, palmistry is a sophisticated investigative process for building a personality profile. Each of our hands has a pattern of marks, whorls and lines which are unique to it and to us, and which represent a map of our subconscious drives and desires. By interpreting these complex messages in the hand, palmistry can reveal hidden talents and potential, and help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses in every walk of life. Complete Illustrated Guide Palmistry includes: Location and meaning of the major and minor lines / Personality and health indicators / How to assess compatibility through the hands / Dating events from information in the hands Lavishly illustrated throughout, this is a fascinating and comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of palmistry.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Element
Published: 17 Jun 2002

ISBN 10: 0007131100
ISBN 13: 9780007131105

Author Bio
Peter West has studied palmistry, astrology and graphology for over 40 years and writes regular columns on all three disciplines, as well as biorhythms, for Prediction Magazine.