by StephenBaxter (Author)


At last Malenfant gets to kick-start his own universe in this final volume of the Manifold series. The Fermi Paradox concerning extraterrestrials runs: If they existed the would be here. Since they are not here, they don't exist. In TIME, in a universe empty of other sentient beings, Malenfant discovered the aberrant development that led to humanity's uniqueness, our sole occupation of space. Then, incredibly, he changed everything, with the aid of the Blue Children from the future. In SPACE, aliens were everywhere but they were just arriving in the Solar System. And the same Fermi Paradox unravelled to reveal that all life in the universe is temporary: the aliens and life on Earth are periodically wiped out, only to start over, and over, and over. In ORIGIN, our astronaut hero has the chance to reach out to where both universes cross, their origin, and at last make sense of life on Earth and elsewhere.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 464
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Voyager
Published: 06 Aug 2001

ISBN 10: 000225770X
ISBN 13: 9780002257701

Media Reviews
'Baxter is taking basic sf ideas and rebuilding them based on current science, technology and politics - a tried and true method sor sf writers but no less effective for that. Baxter apparently has the ambition and the energy to reinvigorate hard sf all by himself' Locus on SPACE 'Like all good sf, SPACE provokes questions. What kind of species are we? the other reason SPACE works well is that Baxter is a good writer his format and style are assured and keep you happily suspended and engrossed. Right up to the satisfyingly vertiginous climax Malenfant is one of sf's more memorable characters' SFX on SPACE 'Pacy, visionary, extravagantly imagined, Time places Baxter firmly in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. How reassuring to know that while so many authors are lying in the gutter of the information superhighway, someone at least is still looking at the stars' The Times 'Time is a big ambitious book science fiction at its best' FHM
Author Bio
Stephen Baxter applied to become an astronaut in 1991. He didn't make it, but achieved the next best thing by becoming a science fiction writer, and his novels and short stories have been published and have won awards around the world. His science background is in maths and engineering. He is married and lives in Buckinghamshire.