The Knot That Squirrel Tied (Little Grey Rabbit Classic Series)

The Knot That Squirrel Tied (Little Grey Rabbit Classic Series)

by Alison Uttley (Author), Margaret Tempest (Illustrator), Alison Uttley (Author), Margaret Tempest (Illustrator)


Little Grey Rabbit is one of the classic gems of children's literature. The series is being relaunched, tying in with a new, beautifully animated television adaptation, and will delight children as much today as when it was first published seventy years ago. As a punishment for stealing food from Grey Rabbit's house, Squirrel tied a knot in Rat's tail. Now, he is reminded of his wickedness wherever he goes and can no longer poach or thieve or hunt as a rat must to survive! What can Rat do to free himself? Wise Owl advises him to turn over a new leaf -- to work honestly instead of thieving for a living. And so a penitent Rat goes about helping his neighbours where he can, and though surrounded by temptation, he feels his tail loosen and his heart grow lighter with every good, unselfish deed. Rat is reformed and respectable -- and a sought after carver.


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Format: Abridged
Pages: 48
Edition: Abridged edition
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks
Published: 02 Jan 2001

ISBN 10: 0001983881
ISBN 13: 9780001983885