Do Ants Have Arseholes?: And 101 Other Bloody Ridiculous Questions

Do Ants Have Arseholes?: And 101 Other Bloody Ridiculous Questions

by Bruno Vincent (Author), Bruno Vincent (Author), Jon Butler (Author)


How easy is it to fall off a log? Where is the middle of nowhere? Do we really have no bananas? The readers of OLD GIT magazine are a batty, befuddled, potty-mouthed bunch, who seem to spend a significant chunk of their spare time corresponding with the publication's popular letters page. DO ANTS HAVE ARSEHOLES? is a very funny, very silly collection of questions and answers taken from this column, none of which has any basis whatsoever in fact. A must for all those who relish a heady mixture of shaggy-dog stories, toilet humour and utter lack of insight.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 183
Edition: UK ed.
Publisher: Sphere
Published: 04 Oct 2007

ISBN 10: 0751540412
ISBN 13: 9780751540413
Book Overview: A hilarious parody of the popular series of New Scientist question and answer books DOES ANYTHING EAT WASPS? and WHY DON'T PENGUINS' FEET FREEZE?

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Author Bio
Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent both work in publishing.