Stranger to the Sun (Angel S.)

Stranger to the Sun (Angel S.)

by JeffMariotte (Author)


When Wesley opens a package that arrives at Angel Investigations by special delivery, he immediately falls into a coma. It's clear he's fallen victim to some kind of magic spell, and Angel sets off with Gunn to find out who or what could be behind the attack. No easy task, since it turns out that everyone who could possibly help them -- from magic-shop owners to the LAPD -- has been affected by the same supernatural slumber. Meanwhile, Cordelia uncovers a Vampire plot to plunge the Earth into constant darkness, so that the creatures of the night can assert their power without the fear of daylight. It's up to her to help prevent it...but she's alone with the still-unconscious Wesley, and as she tends him it becomes increasingly clear that he is in the throes of a terrifying nightmare. Unless she can rouse him it may be the end -- for him as well as the rest of humankind.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 01 Jul 2002

ISBN 10: 0743449819
ISBN 13: 9780743449816

Author Bio
Jeff Mariotte is Senior Editor at D.C. Comics and creator of the cult comics Desperadoes and Countdown. An experienced tie-in author, he has written novels for Angel, Star Trek and CSI. Before he became a writer he was a partner in a speciality bookstore, Mysterious Galaxies, which his wife still runs.