Celtic Designs: Design Source Book

Celtic Designs: Design Source Book

by Courtney Davis (Author)


An attractively priced collection of outline Celtic designs. Packed full of Courtney Davis's wonderful spiral, knotwork, zoomorphic and key patterns - all inspired by the art of the Celts. A rich source of ideas and inspiration for all craftspeople and artists, these designs can be used as stencil or embroidery patterns, stationery designs, furniture decoration, glass painting guides or whatever your imagination chooses. The designs can be photocopied, traced, coloured, adapted or used as inspiration for originating your own designs. They can be enlarged or reduced for a particular project, and will stand up well to reproduction at any scale. Individual designs in the book are copyright-free and may be used without further payment, permission or acknowledgement. Other books byCourtney Davis Celtic Illuminations



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 64
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Gill Books
Published: Mar 2002

ISBN 10: 0717133702
ISBN 13: 9780717133703