Spirited: Living Between Two Worlds - A Top Psychic Medium's Extraordinary Story

Spirited: Living Between Two Worlds - A Top Psychic Medium's Extraordinary Story

by TonyStockwell (Author)


Throughout this series, he delivered deeply personal and accurate messages from people's loved ones in the world of spirits to randomly picked passers-by in high streets, shopping malls and beach fronts. Tony's autobiography will answer ageless questions such as: 'What happens to us after we die?', 'What happens to animals and our pets?', 'Are there such things as evil spirits?', 'How can we overcome our fear of death?' and 'Do we all have the ability to communicate with our loved ones in the life hereafter?' With this fascinating insight into life here and beyond, Tony Stockwell shows us all that there truly is more in heaven and earth...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Published: 11 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 034083353X
ISBN 13: 9780340833537

Author Bio
Born in the east end of London in 1969, the son of a painter and decorator and a hairdresser, Tony Stockwell grew up in Canvey Island, Essex. Following a childhood full of extraordinary events and meetings with spirits, Tony knew from the age of sixteen that he was destined to use his paranormal powers and be a medium. After an 'apprenticeship' giving readings and conducting seances and healing sessions in halls, churches and people's homes, he gave up his day job as a wedding planner and became a full-time medium, undertaking 'walkabouts' and being filmed using his other-worldly gifts on UK and US streets. He also teaches at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London. Since the transmission of his widely acclaimed series, Street Psychic, which changed many people's belief about the afterlife, Tony has made other programmes including Psychic School, which featured ghostbusts in haunted places, and Psychic Detective for Living TV, and has been on country-wide tours of the UK. Tony lives in Essex with his partner, Stuart, and his border terrier dog, Archie.