Access To History: Stuart Economy & Society

Access To History: Stuart Economy & Society

by NigelHeard (Author)


This volume covers the major social and economic developments between 1603 and 1714. Beginning with a historiographical debate on the causes and consequences of the English Civil War, it moves on to consider the major themes of population change, agriculture, industry and the establishment of the overseas colonies. In addition, the changing structure of society is discussed, with chapters on the lower orders, the landed and emerging middle classes and cultural change. This title forms part of the series designed to meet the needs of A Level and Higher Grade History students. Without assuming detailed prior knowledge, each volume provides an introduction to its subject along with an analysis of the main issues, themes and historical interpretations of the topic. Relevant documentary extracts are integrated with and support the text. Student guidance sections in each chapter provide a diagrammatic summary plus advice on note-taking and how to answer source-based and essay questions.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 152
Edition: First Edition - Softcover
Publisher: Hodder Education
Published: 06 Apr 1995

ISBN 10: 0340597038
ISBN 13: 9780340597033