Cassell's Dictionary Of Word And Phrase Origins

Cassell's Dictionary Of Word And Phrase Origins

by NigelRees (Author)


'Why do we say...?' is the question that lies behind every entry in CASSELL'S DICTIONARY OF WORD AND PHRASE ORIGINS. Why do we say a person makes money 'hand over fist' or is the 'spitting image' of someone else? Why do we say 'the full monty' or 'don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs'? These are the sort of questions that conventional dictionaries rarely answer, and that more specialised books all too frequently deal with in a cavalier fashion. This book, by contrast, takes an informed and wide-ranging approach to problems of etymology, challenging a few cherished theories on the way, and coming up with some surprising conclusions.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 284
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Cassell
Published: 14 Mar 2002

ISBN 10: 0304362255
ISBN 13: 9780304362257
Book Overview: Revised and expanded edition of a perennial favourite Explains the meaning and origins of expressions as diverse as 'cut the mustard', 'take a rain check', 'red tape' and 'bring home the bacon'. Includes expressions that have entered the language recently

Author Bio
Nigel Rees is the author of over 50 books, including the CASSELL DICTIONARY OF HUMOROUS QUOTATIONS and the CASSELL COMPANION TO QUOTATIONS. He is the deviser and presenter of BBC Radio's QUOTE...UNQUOTE, through which he has become an authority on the popular use of language in slogans, catchphrases, cliches, idioms and quotations.